Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nawlin’s Heat with Southern Charm

One of my very favorite parts of living in New Orleans is all the lovely architecture. With both Spanish and French history, the houses in this area have such a unique combination of charm as well as romance. Many houses feature large, white columns, gas lanterns, and my personal favorite, porches. The roads are lined with palm trees as well as oak trees giving this area a historical yet tropical vibe. My husband and I love walking through the different areas of New Orleans and pointing out features that we want to implement into our “dream home” one day.  These are a few of our favorite houses with both unique architecture and southern charm. 

 All the beautiful Oak trees

 High windows and intricate details

 Lovely summer flowers in full blossom

 Gas lanterns are very popular around here

 Columns and porches

 More columns

 Southern charm at its finest

 Columns, shutters and beautiful greenery

 The colors of summer

 Tropical notes on every corner

My husbands favorite with gas lanterns, a porch, rocking chairs and a swing

Thanks for reading!